Cadastral Projects

Hoffmann Surveyors has specialist expertise in land tenure and complex land dealings as well as subdivision, land acquisition and community title. Further experience includes urban growth projects requiring complex titling solutions such as volumetric subdivision and layered body corporates.
We have extensive knowledge of leasehold and state land from dealings with renewal of Pastoral Leases, reserves and road corridors.
Long line easement corridors for infrastructure have been an important focus of Hoffmann Surveyors, with the ability to provide value-for-money solutions from widening existing easements to new alignments and alterations to existing alignments.

Property development and infrastructure provision

We have experience in all areas of property development and infrastructure provision, including subdivision, land development, property identification and site surveys for development planning.

Town Planning, Development Applications, Planning Reports, MCU, ROL and Subdivision Design

The company utilises both in-house and external planning expertise to provide development applications for Material Change of Use and Reconfiguration of Lots. This includes planning reports and preparation of application forms, subdivision design and professional assistance in determining acceptable conditions of approval.

Aerial mapping control and GPS control network surveys

Hoffmann Surveyors has a long history of providing GPS control networks to upgrade or infill coordinated survey marks. This includes providing control for roads and extended easements for pipelines and power lines. Placement of targets and identifying and measuring features pre/post flight for aerial mapping control can also involve creation of control networks to ensure accuracy can be verified.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data acquisition, and database creation, maintenance and management

Hoffmann Surveyors provide GIS management and/or data acquisition/database management to clients such as Local Government. Our product provides innovative solutions to monitor infrastructure maintenance costs and baseline mapping for flood event funding.

Engineering Survey Services

We are proficient in all the varied types of surveys required for site development and site construction including:
• Excavations, roads, buildings, dams, mechanical installations, and pipelines;
• Civil surveying for roads and rail from concept and design to construction and delivery;
• Building set out and construction such as high rise, industrial warehouses, residential properties, shopping and multi accommodation complexes.

Our broader capabilities are:

• Surveys for EOM audits, stockpiles and
dam capacities;
• GIS – high order mapping;
• Surface modelling;
• Major plant site set out surveys;
• Bridge surveys;
• Civil construction;
• Road construction;
• Provision of surveyors and crews, hire of survey equipment.


Fully mobile team members can deliver all survey services on site or on the road as necessary.
Company vehicles are fully equipped with satellite phones, on-board radio and well-maintained survey equipment.
Each surveyor is fully equipped with professional survey proprietary software packages including: Autocad, Leica Geo Office, Trimble Business Centre, Civilcad/Magnet, Mapinfo, and regular office software.
Offices are equipped with the latest drafting, printing and computer hardware and software necessary to provide effective surveying services and project management.
Employment of a full time internal IT team ensures that computer systems are running effectively and are assisting with project efficiency. Hoffmann Surveyors utilise modern computer hardware and robust back-up systems which enables retention of documents beyond statutory requirements.
• Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser 4x4
• Leica TS15 Robotic Total Stations with CS15 Controllers
• Leica MS50
• Leica GS15 GNSS Systems
• Leica Geo Office Software
• Leica Sprinter Digital Levels/Trimble DiNi
• Trimble S8, S6 and S3
• TSC3 Controller with Trimble Access Software
• iPhones and Mobile Broadband, iPads and Laptops
• AutoCad
• Satellite Phones
• Civilcad/Magnet
• Trimble Business Centre